Drink Reviews

Kitchen Cordials & Liqueurs

Homemade Cordials

Why would anyone make their own liqueurs or cordials? The simple answer is because we can and why not? The process is relatively easy with the toughest part of the process being patience. Just as the exact origins of beer, wine and liquor are debated, so to is the origination of liqueurs and cordials. It …

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What to do with that unwanted bottle of alcohol?

Re-Gift Bottles of Alcohol

A few weeks prior to the holiday season I was thinking that a party at the house was in order. However, the holiday season was getting booked with the typical Christmas parties, open houses and conflicting holiday travel schedules to grandma’s house. A quick look at the calendar determined that between the NFL playoff schedule …

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Rum from Colorado

Montanya Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri

Recently I was in Crested Butte, Colorado ski-ing and across from our hotel there was a bar called Montanya Distillers. Thinking it was just a funny name for pub, we didn’t go there the first night, as there are so many places to go in Crested Butte, even though it is such a small town. …

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I’ve found it – A proper American Pilsner Lager

New Belgium Brewery Pilsner Lager

It has taken a long time, but I’ve found it at last, a proper American Pilsner Lager. However, a little bit of background history first. Over ten years ago when I first started to visit the U.S.A, to be quite honest. it was, quite literally a beer desert. There was very little beer to choose …

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