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Bill’s List of Foods & Drink to Experience

Bill and Alton Brown

Whenever I see a list of the top places to eat, the best burger list, foods you must experience before you die, I am like a moth flying towards the light bulb. I cannot resist clicking on the list, yet inevitably, I am burned. Either it is because I have never been to the city …

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Star Lager, A Refreshing Beer in the Nigerian Heat

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Lagos, Nigeria for work. As a part of any new experience for me, I like to sample the local food and try the locally brewed beer if at all possible. Without question, the most obvious locally brewed beer in Nigeria is Star Lager Beer. As with most breweries …

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Raising a glass to ‘The Macallan’

Tasting The Macallans

Rating: ★★★★★ This week I found out that ‘The Macallan‘ were hosting a tasting event in Houston, TX and managed to book a space online. Macallan are hosting lots of  ‘Raise the Macallan‘ tasting events, but you’ll have to visit the website to see if there is one near you. I don’t usually hold much …

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Julian Cherry Bomb (Hard Cider)…I Want More!

Julian Cherry Bomb Hard Cider Bottle

In addition to purchasing a few bottles of Julian Hard Cider (Apple) in Julian, CA; I also purchased three bottles of the Julian Cherry Bomb (Hard Cider). I did not know what to expect prior to cracking open the bottle. What I did know is that if Julian Cherry Bomb was anything like the Julian …

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Julian Hard Cider (Apple)…”American To The Core”

Bottle of Julian Hard Apple Cider

Until this year, my experience with drinking hard apple cider was restricted to a pint of hard cider at a local pub or an occasional 12 ounce bottle. More often than not, I selected hard cider when I was looking for something other than beer, but not wanting to drink hard liquor. Unfortunately, most hard …

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