What is Blood Sausage & What is it Made of

What is Blood Sausage

The question ‘What is Blood Sausage’ is quite literally answered within the question. It is a sausage made from animal blood and other ingredients such as spices, fats, and grains. It is commonly stuffed into a large animal sausage casing, and then boiled. It is then commonly fried before eating, usually in slices and is …

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Culinary Misnomers or why Danish Pastries are not Danish

Danish Pastries are not Danish

One of the many interesting things about living in another country is that you get to have your preconceived notions about things challenged fairly regularly. For example outside of Denmark the things in the photograph below are called ‘Danishes’ or ‘Danish Pastries‘. Neither will you find pastries like these in Denmark nor do they originate from …

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Asparagus – 10 things you never knew about this tasty vegetable


May is National Asparagus Month and to celebrate this amazing vegetable, the King of Vegetables, here are 10 things that you might, or might not know about asparagus. The Smell This is a fact that most people know, that your pee (urine) smells after eating asparagus, however it seems that not everyone is able to …

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Feeding My Coffee Fix Southwest Kansas

Road to Meade, KS on Highway 54

There are towns across the United States that have not been deemed “worthy” of a Starbucks, but there are still coffee shops located in these towns providing the caffeine addict their fix through lattes, cappuccinos, espressos and mochas. In southwest Kansas, there are independently owned coffee shops that are a testament to the capital spirit …

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EHS Cheese Steak Sandwich / Nothing Beats Cafeteria Food

My Version of my high school's Cheese Steak Sandwich

Strangely, one of the most memorable aspects of my high school (EHS) was the cafeteria food. Everyone had their favorites but  I don’t recollect there being a salad.  Maybe there was one, but I was always on the “line” so I would have never seen it. I wore “fry-goggles” back in the day.  “Fry- goggles” …

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