Beer Can Chicken – A wobbly dancing bird

Beer Can Chicken posing for the camera

Though there is no official history of ‘beer can chicken’, it certainly seems to be an all American classic to have first appeared in the Southern US in the 1970s. As well as the name ‘beer can chicken’, it does go by other names such as Beer in the Butt Chicken, Drunken Chicken, Thirsty Bird, …

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Beers That Have Had A Lasting Impact On Me

Millet Beer in a Calabash Bowl

It was by coincidence that my coming of legal drinking age was also marked by the birth of craft and regional breweries. I remember when Samuel Adams Lager was still considered David among the Goliaths that had dominated and decimated the beer industry for a couple of decades. Back then I thought that Samuel Adams …

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Bachelor food week – Pizza and beer

Chicken, sweetcorn, jalapeno and pineapple pizza

This week, my wife is away on a business trip, leaving me to fend for myself. Since I do most of the cooking in our house, this shouldn’t be much of a problem, but I find I can never find the enthusiasm to cook for just myself. I’m sure it’s because, I want to bask …

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Best Beer In America…Is It That Easy To Determine?

Saint Arnolds Summer Pils Six Pack Courtesy of Saint Arnolds Brewery

For the record I do not have a subscription to the magazine Men’s Journal, nor do I go to their website. I was however on a flight a few weeks ago and a passenger in front of me was flipping through the magazine and I saw the following article: The 24 Best Beers in America. …

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What Is Your Beer IQ?

American brewers now influencing British Beer

A quick factoid filled quiz on beer. I did well enough, scoring 9 out 10 correctly, but one or two answers were truly good guesses. What Is Your Beer IQ? is one of many food related quizzes posted on the website Delish.