New Belgium Brewery

Best Beer In America…Is It That Easy To Determine?

Saint Arnolds Summer Pils Six Pack Courtesy of Saint Arnolds Brewery

For the record I do not have a subscription to the magazine Men’s Journal, nor do I go to their website. I was however on a flight a few weeks ago and a passenger in front of me was flipping through the magazine and I saw the following article: The 24 Best Beers in America. …

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I’ve found it – A proper American Pilsner Lager

New Belgium Brewery Pilsner Lager

It has taken a long time, but I’ve found it at last, a proper American Pilsner Lager. However, a little bit of background history first. Over ten years ago when I first started to visit the U.S.A, to be quite honest. it was, quite literally a beer desert. There was very little beer to choose …

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