Las Chabela’s Chilis Gueritos con Camarone

Google Translate provides the following translation from Spanish to English of “gueritos” to mean “little white boy”. Personally I think this is humorous. The dish that I have been recently ordering at Las Chabelas in Brawley, CA is Chilis Gueritos con Camarone (White Chiles with Shrimp). Guerito Chilis, also known as Guero or Santa Fe …

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I Cannot Say No to Bagel Toppers from Hampton Inn Hotels

Breakfast Bagel Toppers with Picant Sauce

I am a “road warrior” (such a cheesy term), living the majority of my work week on the road; sleeping in hotel rooms, traveling to and from home via an airplane and driving rental cars each week. In the 15 years I have traveled for work, I have my opinions on the best airlines, rental …

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Bite-sized mini stuffed peppers

Mini Peppers

There seems to be a glut of mini peppers in the supermarkets at the moment, and they are very reasonably priced, which I why I bought them. I can never turn down a bargain. I bought them without thinking of how I was going to use them, so pretty much made it up as I …

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Bacon – It even goes with salad!

Who doesn’t love Bacon. The most versitile food. So good it even goes with salad.

Smalec po Goralsku – Polish Bacon Pate

Smalec po Goralsku - Polish Bacon Pate

I made a visit to the Polish Deli yesterday to buy some ‘kiszka‘ (blood sausage), but more of that another time. While there I also got some duck pate and noticed ‘Smalec po Goralsku’, which was translated as Bacon Pate. I’m always looking for new edible delights to try and this fitted the bill. Smalec …

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