Decadent French Toast – Brioche Eggy Bread

Decadent French Toast - Brioche Eggy Bread

Last week I made some brioche, a type of French sweetish bread somewhere between a cake, pastry and bread, and I mentioned it was really good for making French toast. Well I cut a couple of slices and allowed them to go slightly stale and then made some of the most decadent French toast you …

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Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville, NC: Best Huevos Rancheros Ever

unny Point Cafe in Asheville, NC - Best Huevos Rancheros Ever

I was recently on a road trip and stopped at the Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina (626 Haywood Road).  Rumor had it that Sunny Point Cafe was the best stop for breakfast/brunch in this rich hippie town so I thought, “Sounds good to me!” It’s hippie awesome. The parking lot has a rain …

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A taste of the Raj – Kedgeree for breakfast


Kedgeree is a British breakfast dish consisting of smoked fish, boiled eggs and curried rice. Though it doesn’t initially sound like a British dish, smoked kippers have long been a part of British breakfasts and as I have mentioned before, curry is truly the national dish of the UK. During the time of the British Raj …

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Condiment Conundrum

Condiments Pic #1

As a follow up to the post on What is in your spice rack? I went through the condiments that are stored in the pantry, kitchen cabinet and refrigerator. Once again, after taking stock of what had been accumulated, I could only just shake my head. The picture to the left is only a small …

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