Drink Reviews

Wine Tasting in Temecula Valley, CA

Temecula Valley, CA Vineyard

I can think of few adult-centered social activities that are more fun, interesting and allows oneself to learn something new all in the process of sampling alcohol. Over the years I have been to a few wineries in Pennsylvania, Georgia and even Lebanon. It was not until recently was I afforded the opportunity to visit …

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Very Good Reuben Sandwich – Post Street Ale House (Spokane, WA)

Reuben at the Post Street Ale House

While visiting Spokane, WA on a recent business trip I found myself settling in at the bar of the Post Street Ale House, wondering what’s good. The restaurant itself was very busy for a weeknight and the beer selection was as impressive as the food menu. I quickly selected a cask-style IPA (Ninkasi, very good) …

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Best Beer In America…Is It That Easy To Determine?

Saint Arnolds Summer Pils Six Pack Courtesy of Saint Arnolds Brewery

For the record I do not have a subscription to the magazine Men’s Journal, nor do I go to their website. I was however on a flight a few weeks ago and a passenger in front of me was flipping through the magazine and I saw the following article: The 24 Best Beers in America. …

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Rhubarb Rhubarb – Homemade Rhubarb Liqueur

Rhubarb steeping in vodka

As anyone will know who has rhubarb in their garden, you can’t get rid of the stuff. No matter how hard you try to dig up the roots and either throw it away or give it to a friends, it keeps on coming back. Once it has a foothold in your garden then it can …

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Violet’s Eden

Every now and then, I encounter a food or drink that is so unusual that I cant help but investigate.  A few years back, while investigating absinthe, to be blogged on another day, I discovered this odd liquor called Liquor de Violette.  As a warning, it is not the same as Crème de Violette. I …

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