Maiale – Deli & Salumeria (Wilmington, DE)

Maiale Deli & Salumeria Wood Sign

Recently while on a layover in Chicago for my flight to Philadelphia I sent a message to Billy Rawstrom, the owner of Maiale – Deli & Salumeria asking him what time his store close. Billy replied and I said that I would be there before the shop closed to make a few purchases. Although the …

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Watonga Cheese Factory – Perryton, TX

Sharp Cheddar Cheese from Watonga Cheese Factory

As you drive on US Route 83 from Nowhere, KS to Somewhere, TX with Anywhere, OK in between you will come to the small town of Perryton, TX. I have driven through Perryton, TX many times in the past few years and even contributed to the local police force budget, but have only stopped for …

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Simmered Grape Pulp + Cheese Cloth = Homemade Grape Jelly

Homemade Wild Grape Jelly with Butter & Toast

Recently I picked about 15 – 20 pounds of wild Mustang Grapes near my house and generated 15 Cups of Grape Pulp after boiling down the whole grapes and straining the mixture through a colander to separate the juice and pulp from the skins and seeds. I was prepared to make three batches of Homemade …

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Easy To Make Homemade Wild Grape Jam

Mustang Grape Jam with Peanut Butter & Toast

Recently I found the mother lode of wild grapes growing near my home in Katy, TX. Since the wild Mustang Grapes (Vitis mustangensis) are not suitable for eating fresh (too acidic), I knew that I was going to be canning homemade grape jam. In the post Homemade Garden Grape Jam, Welch’s Take Note!, I detailed …

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Picking Wild Grapes in the Tame Suburbs of Katy, TX

Ripe Mustang Grapes (wild grapes in East Texas)

Living in Houston, TX does not invoke images of the wild and untamed world but every now and then one does find a surprise. Most often it is seeing wild life (feral pigs, deer, snakes, rabbits and alligators) while biking through the reservoir. A few days ago while riding my mountain bike along a less …

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