What to do with that unwanted bottle of alcohol?

Re-Gift Bottles of Alcohol

Orphaned & Maligned Bottles of Alcohol

A few weeks prior to the holiday season I was thinking that a party at the house was in order. However, the holiday season was getting booked with the typical Christmas parties, open houses and conflicting holiday travel schedules to grandma’s house. A quick look at the calendar determined that between the NFL playoff schedule and a Robert Burns party that the end of January looked to be the best time.

Then there was a need for a theme? Why do you ask? Simply because it sounded better when inviting guests. Stuart and I threw out a few ideas for my excuse of a party and we came up with the idea of the “Alcohol Re-Gift Party”. Everyone one has a bottle of alcohol (liquor, wine, liqueur) that they have received as a gift and they have no intention of drinking.

The idea was born and put into action with the invites going out. The entire premise for the party was to bring an unwanted bottle of alcohol to the party and when leaving, look for a bottle that another guest brought that you would like to bring home. Many of the guests participated in both giving an unwanted orphan bottle and taking a much aligned bottle of alcohol home with them. At the end of these evening there were still some bottle remaining and many of these were simply emptied of their contents for they were beyond my  desire to try.

I kept a few bottles due to their unique shape, age, or to be re-gifted at a future date (see Newcastle Brown Ale). Word of caution when organizing a party like this, clarify that guests are to bring unopened bottles of alcohol. Strangely enough, opened, half empty bottles of wine were contributed and had gone to vinegar. I wonder how long those opened bottles had been chilling in the guest’s refrigerator?

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    1. We still have to try our Aquavit yet, but I’m looking into making Rugbrød to have with it and pickled herrings.
      I can’t quite read the labels on the bottles you have left, but I’m sure we could find a home for them in cooking.

      • cecelia on March 6, 2012 at 9:51 am
      • Reply

      I’ve used Kirsch in baking applications. What is in the violin bottle??

    2. The bottle in this picture from left to right: New Castle Brown Ale, Vodka circa Soviet Union, Kirsch (cherry liqueur), Cook’s Sparkling Wine (only good for mimosas), Moldavian red wine (of questionable origin) – but the bottle is cool, Torrontes (white wine).

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