Bill Retherford

Neither a trained chef or culinary expert but a true lover of food including the history, background and even the science behind what makes a great dish. With twelve years as a manufacturing consultant specializing in food processing, I have a unique perspective on how much of the food we purchase is created. Being fortunate to have travel extensively for work and pleasure provides me with ample opportunities to experience new foods and regional variations on a regular basis. I have an obsession for Reubens and will select a reuben sandwich without consideration of anything else on the menu if available.

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Bill’s List of Foods & Drink to Experience

Bill and Alton Brown

Whenever I see a list of the top places to eat, the best burger list, foods you must experience before you die, I am like a moth flying towards the light bulb. I cannot resist clicking on the list, yet inevitably, I am burned. Either it is because I have never been to the city …

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Star Lager, A Refreshing Beer in the Nigerian Heat

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Lagos, Nigeria for work. As a part of any new experience for me, I like to sample the local food and try the locally brewed beer if at all possible. Without question, the most obvious locally brewed beer in Nigeria is Star Lager Beer. As with most breweries …

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Say Hello to Mister Ham Steak

In most grocery stores, either positioned next to the packaged fresh cuts of pork or nestled near the bacon and breakfast sausage are these amazingly versatile, individually packaged, thick center cut, bone in, sliced, fully cooked ham steaks that are truly under appreciated. Whereas most of us are familiar with bacon and breakfast sausage, the …

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Chili Oil – Quick, Easy & Homemade

Hot Pepper Oil with the Hot Peppers Strained

Walk through the grocery store and you will see an abundance of oils, vinegars and even alcohol infused with herbs and vegetables. Included in this vast selection of flavored liquids for food, are vegetable oils infused with a variety of chilies (hot peppers). The combinations are definitely enticing, but the price can be expensive. Honestly, …

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Pinwheel Cookies – A Holiday Tradition

Pin Wheel Cookies are self-explanatory in their appearance, but the one thing that I have learned over the years is that every family that bakes them for the holiday season has their own interpretation on the ingredients used. For the pinwheel cookies that have been made in our family, Dates and Pecans are the primary …

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