Nuggets are little pieces of food and drink related information that we find, that aren't quite big enough for a post.

Cooking Challenge 1 – Grilling & Barbecue Ideas

Cooking Challenge 1 - Grilling & Barbecue Ideas

Since it’s that time of year again and the grilling season has started, we were thinking that we need some inspiration for some new barbecue ideas and thought we would reach out to everyone. What are you favorite barbecue food ideas for the summer? Do you have a new grilling technique that you want to share with …

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It is the 3rd Thursday in November, so le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé

Beaujolais Vineyard

At one minute past midnight today, the 3rd Thursday in November, millions of cases of Beaujolais Nouveau started their journey across France and then onto the rest of the world. Beaujolais Nouveau is the first new wine of the year. Because Beaujolais Nouveau is such a young red wine, it can be incredibly fruity compared …

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Amazon announce their online marketplace for wine

Tasting Wine

Yesterday Amazon announced their new online marketplace for wine. Not that there isn’t many very good online wine retailers, but Amazon tend to come into a market and shake it up a bit, which is only good for the consumer, at least in the beginning. Though this won’t replace the specialist wine shops and the …

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The day after Halloween – Pumpkin Bargains

Pumpkin Bargains

Normally the day after Halloween is when you can pick-up bargains on candy (sweets), but it’s also the day that supermarkets drastically reduce the prices of pumpkins since everyone has finished making their lanterns. Not that pumpkins in the US are particularly expensive anyway, but just look at this 13lb (5.8kg) beauty I picked up …

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Eating her curds and whey – What is Whey?

Whey after cheese making

We all know the nursery rhyme about Little Miss Muffet eating her curds and whey, but in today’s world, I wonder how many people even know what they are. Curds are the easy part, in that they are the solids when you make cheese. The whey is just the liquid that is left over and …

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