Crazy for Crawfish – Twist, Suck, Peel

From March to June all along the Gulf Coast in the United States there is a food craze that transcends ethnicity and where someone was raised. Crawfish Season has arrived and whether it is done at home, eaten at a Cajun restaurant, Louisiana eatery, fundraiser, catered, a social event or even a Vietnamese restaurant the …

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Rosa’s Pizza Ristorante Italiano (Katy, TX) – The Real Deal

Houston, TX and the surrounding area has a long history of great foods; barbeque, Tex-Mex, seafood and even Cajun cooking.For a metropolitan area of 4+ million people there is a definite shortage of good pizza joints. For those that live on the east coast you have no idea how good you have it with a …

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Kitchen Cordials & Liqueurs

Homemade Cordials

Why would anyone make their own liqueurs or cordials? The simple answer is because we can and why not? The process is relatively easy with the toughest part of the process being patience. Just as the exact origins of beer, wine and liquor are debated, so to is the origination of liqueurs and cordials. It …

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Good Eats 3 – The Later Years – Book Review

Good Eats 3 - The Later Years

Coming from the UK, I had never heard of Alton Brown let alone the TV Show ‘Good Eats‘. Before being involved with TV Cooking, Alton was a cinematographer for various music videos including The One I Love by REM, and then, because he was dissatisfied with the quality of cooking shows on American TV, so …

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Reuben Sandwich – Einstein’s Pub (Katy, TX)

Reuben Sandwich

It is no secret that I will go great distances to enjoy a Reuben Sandwich. What makes the Reuben Sandwich at Einstein’s Pub on Mason Road in Katy, TX so enjoyable is that the establishment is about a mile from the house. I have lived in Katy, TX since 2002 and will admit that I …

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