Crawfish Boil

Texas Crawfish Boil Party

Cooked mudbugs

The word crayfish comes from the French word ‘escrevisse’ which literally means ‘to crawl’, though it has been suggested that it may come from the Anglo Saxon word ‘crevik’ which has the same meaning. Whether you call them crayfish, crawfish, crawdads or mudbugs, they are freshwater crustacean cousins of lobsters. In the wild the are …

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Crazy for Crawfish – Twist, Suck, Peel

From March to June all along the Gulf Coast in the United States there is a food craze that transcends ethnicity and where someone was raised. Crawfish Season has arrived and whether it is done at home, eaten at a Cajun restaurant, Louisiana eatery, fundraiser, catered, a social event or even a Vietnamese restaurant the …

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