Alton Brown

Hard Boiled Eggs without boiling

Eggs in the Oven

From Alton Browns book I’m Just Here for the Food, how to boil an egg without boiling it. Eh! Okay not quite boiling, but steaming inside the shell. Place your eggs on the rack in your oven and you’ll end up with creamier, less sulphurous eggs. This would be especially good when you are cooking …

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Good Eats 3 – The Later Years – Book Review

Good Eats 3 - The Later Years

Coming from the UK, I had never heard of Alton Brown let alone the TV Show ‘Good Eats‘. Before being involved with TV Cooking, Alton was a cinematographer for various music videos including The One I Love by REM, and then, because he was dissatisfied with the quality of cooking shows on American TV, so …

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