Julian Hard Cider

Julian Cherry Bomb (Hard Cider)…I Want More!

Julian Cherry Bomb Hard Cider Bottle

In addition to purchasing a few bottles of Julian Hard Cider (Apple) in Julian, CA; I also purchased three bottles of the Julian Cherry Bomb (Hard Cider). I did not know what to expect prior to cracking open the bottle. What I did know is that if Julian Cherry Bomb was anything like the Julian …

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Julian Hard Cider (Apple)…”American To The Core”

Bottle of Julian Hard Apple Cider

Until this year, my experience with drinking hard apple cider was restricted to a pint of hard cider at a local pub or an occasional 12 ounce bottle. More often than not, I selected hard cider when I was looking for something other than beer, but not wanting to drink hard liquor. Unfortunately, most hard …

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