Bill’s List of Foods & Drink to Experience

Whenever I see a list of the top places to eat, the best burger list, foods you must experience before you die, I am like a moth flying towards the light bulb. I cannot resist clicking on the list, yet inevitably, I am burned. Either it is because I have never been to the city and restaurant in question or there is no way I would ever consider eating a delicacy that has gone through some arcane process that makes the experience more akin to an episode of Bizarre Foods.

Bill and Alton Brown

Bill and Alton Brown

Unlike many of these lists of foods you must try, I really do believe that my list is neither pretentious or bordering on food snobbery.  In no way is my list of food and drink comprehensive or definitive as an experience. It is more a of a list of foods that either I consider to be “comfort food”, an experience that provides me an image of a time and place other than right now, a food that I will never tire of eating or in some instances where the homemade version / made from scratch example is far superior to anything that mass produced in a food processing plant.

Bill’s List of Foods & Drink to Experience:

1. Scrapple

2. Homemade Raviolis

3. Steak Tartar

4. Kischka (Polish Blood Sausage)

5. Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich)

6. Balinese Style Fish

7. Sea Scallops with Vermouth, Artichokes and Capers

8. Reuben Sandwich (Deli Style)

9. Rib Eye Steak

10. Sushi

11. Raw Oysters on the Half Shell

12. New York Style Thin Crust Pizza

13. Pot Stickers

14. Peking Duck

15. Bagels / French Bread & Lox

16. Barbeque Pork Ribs

17. Caviar

18. Chicken Poblano

19. Heirloom / Homegrown Tomatoes

20. Pastrami on Rye

21. Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

22. Jack Fruit

23. Chicken Liver Pate

24. Marmite

25. Homemade Ice Cream

26. Pilsner Beer

27. Homemade / Artisan Italian Sausage

28. Bennachin

29. Bangers & Mash

30. Lamb Chops

31. Chicken Rice (Hainan)

32. Mashi

33. Falafel Sandwich

34. Broiled Portabella Mushroom & Blue Cheese

35. Fresh Picked Bing Cherries

36. Fresh Apple Cider

37. Crab Cake (Chesapeake Style – No Filler)

38. Calf Liver

39. Paella

40. Tapioca

41. Chocolate Malt Milk Shake

42. Amarone (Italian Wine – Sun Dried Grapes)

43. Italian Water Ice

44. Cannoli’s with Real Ricotta

45. Corned Beef, Cabbage, Carrots and Potatoes

46. Boudin

47. Garden Tomato, Mayonnaise and Cheese Sandwich

48. Canned Pineapple Juice

49. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

50. Gravlax

51. Egg Cream

52. Patty Melt on Rye Bread

53. Microbrewery Beers

54. Fresh Salad from the Garden

55. Homemade Bread

56. Chicago Style Hotdog

As I remember or experience a food that provides me with that mouthwatering experience, I will add it to the list to be shared or when an article is posted, create a link.

What foods or drink you have experienced that would go on your list?



  1. I have to say that a lot of my favourites are on your list, but what is bennachin?

    1. See:

      Pretty interesting the list of rice dishes listed as similar. Not all of them in preparation are similar.

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