Yogurt & Date Crystals, a Guiltless Treat for a Snack or Breakfast

I like yogurt, specifically plain yogurt and have no problems enjoying fat free plain yogurt. I enjoy the simple tangy flavor that plain yogurt provides, but I do enjoy adding some additional flavor and texture. In the past I have added granola, fresh fruit and even honey. Recently however, I have been using Date Crystals to provide both flavor and texture.

There is something very refreshing about a bowl of yogurt that has been flavored with Date Crystals that have been allowed to absorb the moisture from the yogurt and transformed from crunchy little bites of natural sweetness to soft pieces of dates in the yogurt. The tartness of the plain yogurt combined with the subtle sweetness of the Date Crystals is just sweet enough to satisfy that near insatiable craving for sweets that I possess, yet is surprisingly healthy.

To make Yogurt with Date Crystals is very simple:

1 Cup of Plain Yogurt (I prefer Fat Free)

1 ½ Tablespoons of Date Crystals

Mix the Date Crystals into the Yogurt.

Plain Fat Free Yogurt and Date Crystals

Date Crystals added to Plain Fat Free Yogurt

You can either eat the combination then and enjoy the crunchy sweetness of the Date Crystals, or wait about an hour which provides sufficient time for the dates to soften. You can even prepare this dish the night before and enjoy it for breakfast the next morning.

Plain Fat Free Yogurt with Date Crystals Added

Date Crystals (Soft) and Plain Fat Free Yogurt

Out of curiosity I calculated the number of calories for this snack and even I was surprised that for 1 Cup of Fat Free Plain Yogurt and 1 ½ Tablespoons of Date Crystals there were only 210 calories. I believe that this qualifies for a guiltless treat to be enjoyed any time of the day.


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