Date Crystals

Yogurt & Date Crystals, a Guiltless Treat for a Snack or Breakfast

Plain Fat Free Yogurt with Date Crystals Added

I like yogurt, specifically plain yogurt and have no problems enjoying fat free plain yogurt. I enjoy the simple tangy flavor that plain yogurt provides, but I do enjoy adding some additional flavor and texture. In the past I have added granola, fresh fruit and even honey. Recently however, I have been using Date Crystals …

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Date Ice Cream, a Homemade Cooling Treat for the Summer Heat

Homemade Date Ice Cream in a Bowl

I could have started off with something simple like Vanilla Ice Cream or even used the hand-picked peaches that we picked, sliced, bagged and froze a few weeks ago, but I was determined to make Date Ice Cream using the Date Crystals that I had purchased. I have never made homemade ice cream before and …

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