Date Crystal Recipes

Yogurt & Date Crystals, a Guiltless Treat for a Snack or Breakfast

Plain Fat Free Yogurt with Date Crystals Added

I like yogurt, specifically plain yogurt and have no problems enjoying fat free plain yogurt. I enjoy the simple tangy flavor that plain yogurt provides, but I do enjoy adding some additional flavor and texture. In the past I have added granola, fresh fruit and even honey. Recently however, I have been using Date Crystals …

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Date Ice Cream, a Homemade Cooling Treat for the Summer Heat

Homemade Date Ice Cream in a Bowl

I could have started off with something simple like Vanilla Ice Cream or even used the hand-picked peaches that we picked, sliced, bagged and froze a few weeks ago, but I was determined to make Date Ice Cream using the Date Crystals that I had purchased. I have never made homemade ice cream before and …

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Date Crystals, A Versatile Natural Sweetener

Shield's Date Crystals

Recently I wrote a post on trying a Date Shake from Shield’s Dates in Indio, CA and the additional purchases made of Dates, Date Jam and Date Crystals. There was no special reason for purchasing the Date Crystals for I had not tasted the Date Shake, but the idea of Date Crystals was intriguing enough …

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