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I am a military brat from West Virginia who spent my life moving every year or two in the US and internationally. I work in the oil field now and spend all my free time traveling. I love to see new places and try every kind of food. My mom is a housewife and a great cook so a lot of my classic recipes and love for cooking come from her. I really enjoy a nice glass of wine, great food, and a scotch or two. :)

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Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville, NC: Best Huevos Rancheros Ever

unny Point Cafe in Asheville, NC - Best Huevos Rancheros Ever

I was recently on a road trip and stopped at the Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina (626 Haywood Road).  Rumor had it that Sunny Point Cafe was the best stop for breakfast/brunch in this rich hippie town so I thought, “Sounds good to me!” It’s hippie awesome. The parking lot has a rain …

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Bourbon Derby…The Best Pie (and the best pie crust too).

Bourbon Derby Pie

My family loves pie and pie of the Bourbon Derby variety is at the top of our list. It’s similar to pecan pie in that it’s filling as a corn syrup base, but it’s so much better. The first step to a delicious pie is the crust. Cheating on pie crust doesn’t save that much …

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