Not Pesto or Chimichurri, but Fresh Herb Sauce

Filet Mignon with Fresh Herb Sauce

Since this is still ‘low-carb’ month, or as I found out last night maybe 3 months, I have been looking for ways to really boost flavours in the food we have at night to help disguise the fact that there is a lack of carbs to sooth and satisfy. I was looking through the stack …

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Minty Mint, the Amazing Aromatic and yet Pesky Perennial

Spearmint (Mentha spicata) in a Pot

There are three things that I know about growing Mint. First, it is almost impossible to kill unless you completely forget to water the plant. Second, unless the plant is severely contained in a pot dug into ground, your Mint will go from being an herb to an invasive weed. Third, you can probably count …

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Yesterday’s bread salad

Salad Using Yesterday's Bread

Around here, at the end of the day on Sundays, the bakery sells off it’s fresh bread at buy one get one free.  What to do with all that bread?  Well, the first loaf usually gets served & demolished at dinner in Sunday night.  The second loaf gets saved for the next day, divided in …

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One Dish Cooking (Sausage & Potatoes)

I love one dish cooking. I don’t mind messing up prep dishes but cleaning them: Ick. One of the most rustically delicious, one-dish meals I make is Sausage with Potatoes.  It’s so seriously easy & has a great combination of flavor that is perfect for a busy night.  I often mix it up in the …

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