Homemade Roast Turkey Soup

Turkey Soup Made from Scratch

Preparing a turkey soup from the remains of Thanksgiving has become the second most important dish after the pot pies from the remains of the turkey for me. Unfortunately, most people are so stuffed after the Thanksgiving Dinner that the turkey carcass is discarded and that is a true shame. If you still have your …

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Pasta Fazool….”That’s Amore”

Homemade Pasta Fazool in a Soup Bowl

Call it what you will; Pasta Fazool, Pasta Fazoola, Pasta e Fagiolo, Pasta Fagioli, but the Italian soup immortalized in the Dean Martin song “That’s Amore” with the lyrics “When the stars makes you drool, just-a like pasta fazool, that’s amore” is a simple to make and an extremely flavorful Italian peasant soup of pasta …

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Mister Stock: The Unsung Hero of Cooking

Ham Stock

Whenever I begin the process of making a soup, broth, gravy or stock, I am reminded of the folk tale Stone Soup. There are many versions of the tale, but the premise behind the story aside form generosity and charity is one of how the soup will continue to taste better as additional ingredients are …

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