Bachelor food week – Pizza and beer

This week, my wife is away on a business trip, leaving me to fend for myself. Since I do most of the cooking in our house, this shouldn’t be much of a problem, but I find I can never find the enthusiasm to cook for just myself. I’m sure it’s because, I want to bask in the adoration and praise for my cooking and I can never boost my own ego when cooking for one. So, hence, when I am left to fend for myself, it tends to be pizza and beer.

However rather than just ordering any old pizza, I try and buy a large cheese and tomato pizza, and adorn it with my favourite toppings, especially the ones that I can’t have when the wife is at home. To my wife’s horror, one of my favourite pizza toppings is pineapple, and I have heard other people complain about this too. So my favourite pizza toppings are chicken, sweetcorn, jalapeño and pineapple.

Chicken, sweetcorn, jalapeno and pineapple pizza

Chicken, sweetcorn, jalapeño and pineapple pizza

One strange thing about pizza’s that I have picked up from my wife, is having mayonnaise with it. However, to boost the heat, I mix a large dollop of mayo with the tiniest drop of Dave’s Insanity Sauce (my favourite hot sauce) and mix it together. Because the active heat ingredient in chillies, capsaicin, is only soluble in fat, I find that the mayo helps tone down the heat.

Does anyone else have strange pizza topping favourites or what do you do when cooking for one?

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