Raising a glass to ‘The Macallan’

Tasting The Macallans

Rating: ★★★★★ This week I found out that ‘The Macallan‘ were hosting a tasting event in Houston, TX and managed to book a space online. Macallan are hosting lots of  ‘Raise the Macallan‘ tasting events, but you’ll have to visit the website to see if there is one near you. I don’t usually hold much …

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MacGyver’s Fat Separator, Simple Way to Make Homemade Gravy

Whether it is for turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas, a roasted chicken or a crock pot beef roast for Sunday dinner there is nothing better than homemade gravy made from the giblets, drippings or the au jus. The problem is that many of us do not own a fat separator and if we do, because …

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Uncooked Orzo Pasta

I love risotto but sometimes I do not have the time, patience, or maybe the inclination to commit to the neediness required to make a good risotto. A nice swap is a dish I call Orzotto.  It is Orzo pasta cooked in the manner of a risotto.  The joy is that it requires very little …

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Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville, NC: Best Huevos Rancheros Ever

unny Point Cafe in Asheville, NC - Best Huevos Rancheros Ever

I was recently on a road trip and stopped at the Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina (626 Haywood Road).  Rumor had it that Sunny Point Cafe was the best stop for breakfast/brunch in this rich hippie town so I thought, “Sounds good to me!” It’s hippie awesome. The parking lot has a rain …

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Be Your Own Butcher, How to Cut and Package a Rib Eye Steak Primal

Stack of Hand Cut Rib Eye Steaks

In my opinion, a Rib Eye is the best steak. Sure, there are more than a couple dozen of cuts of beef available from the nine to thirteen primary cuts (primal) in the United States and Canada with a new cut of beef being marketed every few years; i.e. Flat Iron Steak. However, when I …

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