Weird French Delicacy – Ortolan Bunting

As per usual, Bill and I were having a telephone conversation and he brought up the subject of the Ortolan Bunting, which is a small bird eaten as a delicay in France. Though for a long time the Ortolan has been protected, the law hasn’t really been enforced.

Ortolan Bunting

cc Image courtesy of phenolog on Flickr

Bill was discussing how the method of cooking was strange, reminded me of a TV Show I had seen years ago, where the big ‘buffon’ Jeremy Clarkson showed that even the process of eating them was equally as strange.

Basically the Ortolans are captured alive, force-fed, then drowned in Armagnac. The are then roasted and eaten whole, bones and all, while having a napkin draped over your head to preserve the precious aromas and to hide your shame from God. I told you it was weird!

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    1. “Being thrown in Armagnac is not a bad way to die.”…Classic Line! His comment when they placed the napkins over their heads was over the top. At least he did not say it tasted like chicken.

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