Green Chile Stew – Cookwell & Company

I openly admit that one some level I am a hypocrite for using a prepared “sauce / stew / gravy” to make a meal after the years of exaggerated horror and dismay when friends and even family have pulled out a jar of spaghetti sauce to serve with their pasta.

In my defence, there are several reasons why I have come to depend and even relish using this lovely prepared concoction from Cookwell & Company. 1) Hatch Chiles are only available for purchase once a year. 2) If you have ever attempted to roast  pepper in large quantities, it can become a massive undertaking. I cannot even begin to calculate how many chiles I would have to purchase to cover the number of meals that this product is utilized throughout the year. 3) Sometimes it is okay to be a little lazy and admit that a food processing company may just prepare a critical element to a meal better then you can possibly attempt.

Regardless of my justifications, the product is exceptional and has a welcomed place in my pantry with a few jars always available.


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  1. The horror! and after our discussion yesterday on making food from scratch.

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