Holy Crepe! – Excuse my French

Crepe filled with strawberries and blueberries

I had a hankering for crepes recently and decided to make a large batch of batter for making sweet and savoury crepes. Crepes are very thin pancakes made from wheat flour, similar to their ‘cousin’, the galette, which is made from buckwheat, and both come from Brittany in France. Most countries have similar types of …

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My new obsession – The Vietnamese sandwich – Bánh mì

Special BBQ Chicken and Shredded Pork Banh mi

I met my friend Steve for lunch last week, who suggested we go to a sandwich shop he had just tried in Chinatown. I wasn’t sure what kind of sandwich I was expecting, but I was amazed at the sandwiches on offer. Don’s Cafe sells Vietnamese sandwiches called Bánh mì (pronounced BUN-mee), which is the …

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Weird French Delicacy – Ortolan Bunting

Ortolan Bunting

As per usual, Bill and I were having a telephone conversation and he brought up the subject of the Ortolan Bunting, which is a small bird eaten as a delicay in France. Though for a long time the Ortolan has been protected, the law hasn’t really been enforced. Bill was discussing how the method of …

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