Grocery Store Sushi – Is It Safe?

Every time I go to the local HEB grocery store, I always accept a sample of a sushi roll being offered at the sushi stand located between the vegetables, meat and fish sections of the store. However, I have never purchased a container of fresh made sushi to go. Why do I not purchase the …

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Big Bites Burger & Sushi – Katy, TX

Sushi Rolls from Big Bites Burger & Sushi

In Houston there is a wide range of places where one can order sushi. You can of course sit down and eat sushi at a restaurant, gorge on simple sushi rolls at a Chinese mega-buffet, pick up a selection at your local grocery store and if you are bold purchase the components and make sushi …

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Tsuruya Sushi – San Diego, CA

Sushi Plate

Bing On-Line provided 200 results for the search request “sushi restaurants san diego, ca, us”. At this point, I think that the search engine just gave up. Aside from setting the stage that San Diego has it’s fair share of restaurants that serve sushi. It is safe to assume that competition among restaurants serving sushi …

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