Pumpkin Soft Pretzels

Baked pumpkin soft pretzel

From the huge amount of left over pumpkin I had the other day, I had been looking for some ideas and came across soft pretzels made with pumpkin purée. Since I had turn half the pumpkin into purée, this looked like a good idea. I’m sure canned pumpkin purée would be just as good, if …

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The day after Halloween – Pumpkin Bargains

Pumpkin Bargains

Normally the day after Halloween is when you can pick-up bargains on candy (sweets), but it’s also the day that supermarkets drastically reduce the prices of pumpkins since everyone has finished making their lanterns. Not that pumpkins in the US are particularly expensive anyway, but just look at this 13lb (5.8kg) beauty I picked up …

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