Braum’s, a Burger Joint, Ice Cream Shop and Grocery Store all rolled into one

For those that have not driven or lived within 300 miles of Tuttle, OK the ice cream shop, fast food restaurant and small grocery store all rolled into one known as Braum’s is probably unknown to you. However, is you have driven through Alma, AR to the east, Amarillo, TX to the west, Salina, KS to the north and Hillsboro, TX to the south and not stopped at Braum’s then you have missed out on unique experience.

Braun's Roadside Sign

Braun's Roadside Sign

I admit the first time I walked into a Braum’s in Vernon, TX, I was a little confused. Was it a small grocery store, an ice cream shop or a fast food restaurant? Depending on why you are going, it can be one, two or all three reasons.

Fast Food and Ice Cream Order Counter at Braum's

Braum's Fast Food and Ice Cream Order Counter

I like Braum’s for three basic reasons. The first is that even though it is a fast food restaurant, Braum’s is limited geographic range. If I am having a craving for a Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheeseburger or Blue Cheese Bacon Burger (offered for a limited time), it is not like I can just drive down the street to a Braums’s. The second reason is that for a fast food restaurant, the burgers are really good. The fries are just okay, but the burgers are made fresh to order and the lettuce, tomatoes and onions are always fresh and generous. The third reason is that their ice cream is superior and their malt shakes are worthy of just stopping at Braum’s to order one.

Refrigerator Cases of the Grocery Section of Braum's

Braum's Refrigerator Cases of the Grocery Section

If you happen to be traveling within 300 miles of Tuttle, OK and you see a Braum’s sign, stop in; order yourself a burger and shake, then purchase some snacks from their small grocery store for the next leg of the road trip.

Store Sign of Braum's

Braum's Store Sign

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