We are not Foodies

There some is debate as to the first appearance of the term ‘foodie’. Some say it was first used in the New York Magazine in 1980, others say it appeared in a book called the ‘Official Foodie Handbook‘ by Ann Barr and Paul Levy. Either way the term foodie has now become over used and is synonymous with fads, pretension and style rather than the love of experimenting, adventuring and most of all eating good food.

Since we don’t like the term foodie, because its connotations, we still aren’t sure what to call ourselves, since gourmand, epicurean and even ‘food bon vivant’ sound equally pretentious, and therefore all we can do is say ‘We are not foodies‘. Update to Why we are not foodies

Everyone who writes on this blog is a lover of food (or drink), which goes without saying, but more importantly they love experimenting with recipes, techniques and ingredients and/or enjoy ‘food adventures’ when out and about, whether it high ending dining or a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ burger joint, you are sure to find it here.

Whole Chicken in a Pot of Brine

Jalapeno Brined Roasted Chicken

To brine a chicken or a turkey is nothing new or revolutionary when it comes to adding additional tenderness and flavor to the bird. Hundreds recipes available on-line provide the basic ingredients (sugar, salt, water and seasoning) and the steps required. What I have learned is that to brine a chicken is very simple and …

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The Little Bitty Burger Barn

The Little Bitty Burger Barn – A worthy winner

You may remember a little while ago that there was a poll to find the best burger in Houston. The winner was The Little Bitty Burger Barn, which is not surprising, since it is quite often in lists of the top burgers in Houston . I hadn’t been there quite a while ago, and thought …

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Simple dry rub ingredients made at home

Spice Spice Baby

When grilling meat, the most important choice you make is the type and cut of meat for your chosen method of cooking. The second most important decision is whether to go a wet or dry rub. A dry rub is an excellent choice for flavoring already tender or moist cuts of meat. Next time you …

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Croissant bread and butter pudding

Caramel Croissant Bread and Butter Pudding

Technically this is a bread and butter pudding, i.e. that croissants are bread made from butter, but it far more decadent than any normal bread and butter pudding. Traditionally a bread and butter pudding is a thrifty way to stretch ingredients such as stale bread and still come up with a delicious dish. Its origins …

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Eggs benedict

Foolproof and easy Hollandaise sauce

If you are looking for the easiest way to make Hollandaise sauce that won’t break apart or curdle then you’ve found it. Apart from buying a jar of ready-made Hollandaise from the supermarket, there is nothing quicker or easier. As well as basic Hollandaise sauce, I’ve also included the method for making foaming Hollandaise, which …

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Roasted peppers

Roasting Hot Hot Hot!

It’s Hatch Chile season in the South West US at the moment and there is a glut of really cheap chilis piling up in the supermarkets. At less than $1 per pound you can get about 8 large chilis, so I have been taking advantage of the harvest and most dishes have Hatch Chiles in …

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