Tomato, Mayonnaise, Cheese Sandwich…First Sandwich of the Tomato Season

Of all the ingredient combinations for sandwiches in the world, there are few that pay homage to the fresh garden tomato as the BLT or my personal favorite, Tomato, Mayonnaise and Cheese. Whereas the BLT does require some preparation of the bacon, there is something particularly special about literally the first tomato from the garden being sliced and matched with White American Cheese, Mayonnaise and yes, Sliced White Bread.

Garden Tomato, Mayonnaise, White American Cheese and White Bread

First Tomato of the Season

Assuming that you like tomatoes, I do not believe that there is anyone who would argue that a home grown, vine ripened tomato is superior to any tomato that can be purchased in the grocery store. It is a tradition of mine, a tradition learned from my father that the first tomato from the garden, most usually the variety Early Girl is picked and sliced for this sandwich. The tomato is still outdoor warm, perfectly ripe, exploding with that acidic juicy flavor that can only come from the garden.

Sliced Fresh Picked Garden Ripe Tomato

Sliced Garden Ripe Early Girl Tomato

As strange as it may seem, the American White Cheese, Mayonnaise and Sliced White Bread complement the Garden Fresh Tomato. The tomato is first and foremost the dominate flavor in every single bite that is taken. More importantly, it must be tomato from the garden. Tomatoes from the grocery store do not have the freshness, flavor and juiciness that make this sandwich special. Aside from eating the tomato by itself, I can think of no other sandwich that acknowledges the first tomato of the season.

There are fancier, more exotic combinations for a simple tomato sandwich; French Bread, Brie and Tomato; Pita, Feta Tomato and Tzatziki Sauce or Bruschetta topped with Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella with drizzled Olive Oil. All of these combinations sound amazing, but for me, the first tomato of the season from the garden will always be paired with Mayonnaise, White American Cheese and Sliced White Bread.

Garden Tomato with Mayonnaise and Cheese Sandwich

Tomato, Mayonnaise and Cheese Sandwich


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