Mediterranean Small Dishes

Easy tapas adventures at home

Simple bowl of marinated olives

In Spain, tapas are little delicacies served in bars, enjoyed with something to drink. It is said that Alfonso the 10th of Castile gave an order that taverns were not to serve wine unless it was accompanied by tapas. The word ‘tapas’, comes from the Spanish word ‘tapar’, which means ‘to cover’, and it is …

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Tapas, Antipasto & Mezze – Mediterranean Inspired Cuisine at Home

Mezze Served At Home

The similarities shared between Spanish Tapas, Italian Antipasto and Middle Eastern Meze is far more important than the differences. At the heart of these ethnically inspired dishes are the shared ingredients that exist throughout the Mediterranean and the simplicity in which these dishes are prepared and presented. For me, the heart of these culturally inspired …

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