Macaroni & Cheese

Memories of home – Macaroni cheese

Comfort food heaven - Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni cheese (mac and cheese in the US) is my ultimate comfort food. It is the one dish that every one of my siblings asks mum to make when we visit home. Like everyone else’s mum would say, my mum’s macaroni cheese is the best, and nothing else comes close. Not only does it fill …

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Mac ‘n cheese is not a chemistry experiment.

Not Mac & Cheese

One of the most comforting foods of all time, at least to my immediate family, has been reduced to a pre-packaged powder.  A DIY science experiment where you boil “A”, then mix with “B” & “C” to create something that really doesn’t resemble what the box says it is.  It reminds me of a chemistry …

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