Easy meals with fish

Frozen Fish to Baked Fish with an Italian Bread Crumb Crust

Fish Filet Crusted with Italian Style Bread Crumbs

It is only proper that I continue to post on my love affair with baking individually frozen fish filets for dinner. Baking fish filets typically represents one if not two meals a week at home. The possibilities for baking frozen fish filets are endless, whether smothered in salsa, simply seasoned or in this post top …

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Frozen Fish to Baked Fish Smothered In Salsa…Only 30 Minutes

Salsa Baked Fish

Until this past year or so, I typically left the cooking of fish to restaurants. One afternoon, I was aimlessly walking through the grocery store trying to decide what to cook for dinner that day when I found myself in the fish section of the market. None of the fresh fish in the display counter …

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