Despite what you think you know, eating fat doesn’t make you fat

Carbs are Killing You

I have been trying to convince people that a lot of what we think we know about our diet and the affect it has on our bodies is wrong or at least mis-guided. Our ancestors ate fat, but didn’t become fat as a result and the main reason was that they didn’t eat that much …

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Smalec po Goralsku – Polish Bacon Pate

Smalec po Goralsku - Polish Bacon Pate

I made a visit to the Polish Deli yesterday to buy some ‘kiszka‘ (blood sausage), but more of that another time. While there I also got some duck pate and noticed ‘Smalec po Goralsku’, which was translated as Bacon Pate. I’m always looking for new edible delights to try and this fitted the bill. Smalec …

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