Interestingly I was a fussy eater until I left home for university and had to cook for myself. Ever since then I was hooked. I love cooking (so much so that my wife doesn't get a chance to cook), experimenting with new techniques, finding out the origin of recipes and most of all looking for new and exotic tastes.

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Bacon – It even goes with salad!

Who doesn’t love Bacon. The most versitile food. So good it even goes with salad.

Deboned Stuffed Chicken

Deboned Stuffed Chicken

The French culinary term for a deboned stuffed chicken is a Galantine or a Ballotine, with a Galantine usually served cold, but both can be with any type of meat, not just chicken. Being a French dish preperation it is no surprise that it is popular in the South of the USA with the Cajuns. …

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Smalec po Goralsku – Polish Bacon Pate

Smalec po Goralsku - Polish Bacon Pate

I made a visit to the Polish Deli yesterday to buy some ‘kiszka‘ (blood sausage), but more of that another time. While there I also got some duck pate and noticed ‘Smalec po Goralsku’, which was translated as Bacon Pate. I’m always looking for new edible delights to try and this fitted the bill. Smalec …

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Lomo al trapo – Colombian New Year

Lomo al trapo cooking in fire

We were invited to a Colombian New Year party this year, where the hosts, Angela & Fabian cooked a traditional Colombian dish called ‘Lomo al trapo‘, which literally translates as ‘beef tenderloin in cloth’. Even though the temperature was a ‘balmy’ 70F outside there was a large wood fire burning ready for cooking the Lomo …

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