Interestingly I was a fussy eater until I left home for university and had to cook for myself. Ever since then I was hooked. I love cooking (so much so that my wife doesn't get a chance to cook), experimenting with new techniques, finding out the origin of recipes and most of all looking for new and exotic tastes.

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Culinary Misnomers or why Danish Pastries are not Danish

Danish Pastries are not Danish

One of the many interesting things about living in another country is that you get to have your preconceived notions about things challenged fairly regularly. For example outside of Denmark the things in the photograph below are called ‘Danishes’ or ‘Danish Pastries‘. Neither will you find pastries like these in Denmark nor do they originate from …

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Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe – The Perfect Accompaniment to Fish

Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe

Tartar sauce, or as the French call it, ‘Sauce Tartare’ is a simple, but an incredibly tasty accompaniment to fish dishes and though it is fairly ubiquitous, it is really easy and worth the effort to make your own homemade tartar sauce. Tartare sauce is commonly is made with a mayonnaise base or sometimes with aioli, …

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Pao de Queijo – Brazilian Cheese Balls

Pao de Queijo - Brazillian Cheese Balls

The first time I encountered Pao de Queijo was at Pradaria Steaks & Churrascaria, a restaurant in Houston, unfortunately now closed by the looks of it. Like most Churrscarias, the restaurants want to limit how much of the main meal, i.e. the meat you can eat, by putting bowls of these delicious cheese puffs on you table …

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Springtime treat – Green garlic

Spring Garlic - Also know as young garlic, new garlic, ail frais or green garlic

Springtime is an amazing time for vegetables. New Season vegetables have such fresh, vibrant flavors and mild at the same time, and such a welcome break from the mundane winter crops. One of my favourites is young garlic, or also known Spring Garlic, new garlic, baby garlic, fresh garlic, or green garlic depending where you …

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Cooking Challenge 1 – Grilling & Barbecue Ideas

Cooking Challenge 1 - Grilling & Barbecue Ideas

Since it’s that time of year again and the grilling season has started, we were thinking that we need some inspiration for some new barbecue ideas and thought we would reach out to everyone. What are you favorite barbecue food ideas for the summer? Do you have a new grilling technique that you want to share with …

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