guacamole recipe

Roq-n-roll-a-mole – Another contender for the best guacamole

Roquamole guacamole with home made tortilla chips

Roquamole is a variation on guacamole from the lovely Nigella Lawson. I’ve changed it a little to give it a bit more zing, but the two main flavours are still avocado and Roquefort cheese. If you can’t find Roquefort, then any strongly flavoured blue cheese will work such as Gorgonzola or St.Agur. The changes I …

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The best Guacamole recipe IMHO

The best Guacamole

The secret to making the best Guacamole is to use the freshest ingredients you can find. The main ingredient avocados, should be firm but still give a little when pressed, which means you might have to purchase them in advance and let them ripen close to some other fruit for a day or so before …

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