Reuben Sandwich Review – Blue Hereford Restaurant (Ford, KS)

Among the fields and pastures of southwest Kansas, there are small towns distanced 10 to 20 miles from one another. It is these towns that remind of a time when things were simpler, slower and less complicated that you find local restaurant that serve as a local focal point for the community and may even be the only restaurant for 10 to 20 miles in any direction.

Farm with grain silos on US Route 400 in Kansas

Farm on US Rte 400 in southwest Kansas

The Blue Hereford in Ford, Kansas is one of these places. Ford, Kansas is about 18 miles east of Dodge City on US Rte. 400. There is not much to the town, but there is the Blue Hereford diner / restaurant with attached gas station. It is nothing more than a simple diner in a small town that serves good simple diner food in southwest Kansas.

U.S. Route 400 Roag Sign

US Rte 400 Road Sign in southwest Kansas

I stopped at the Blue Hereford not knowing what was on the menu, but secretly hoping that they offered a Reuben Sandwich. I opened the menu, found the sandwich section and quickly found the Reuben Sandwich on the menu. Life is easy when there is a Reuben Sandwich to select from the menu. I ordered the Reuben with Tater Tots and because it looked interesting, Kansas Shrimp which were cauliflower pieces dipped in cheese, breaded and deep fried.

Blue Hereford Restaurant Road Sign in Ford Kansas

Blue Hereford Restaurant

The waitress first brought out the Kansas Shrimp which were surprisingly good. Then the Reuben Sandwich and the Tater Tots were brought to the table. The Reuben Sandwich was marbled rye that appeared to be toasted and then lightly grilled. The corned beef had been chopped, topped with the sauerkraut and cheese on the grill with the Thousand Island dressing spread on the marbled rye bread. Unfortunately, the cheese did not taste like Swiss cheese. It appears that this is becoming more and more prevalent in diners and restaurants. Overall it was an okay sandwich, but without the Swiss cheese, I have to give it the sandwich In A Pinch rating on my Reuben Sandwich Reviews.

Blue Hereford Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich at the Blue Hereford in Ford, Kansas

Despite the Reuben Sandwich not being outstanding at the Blue Hereford, I am confident that overall the quality of the food will not leave you disappointed.

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