It’s Marmageddon! Marmite stocks running low in New Zealand

Stocks of New Zealand’s version of Marmite, made by Sanitarium, have been severely affected after the factory had to close due to earthquake damage in November 2011. Marmite customers are being urged to ration their remaining supplies until the factory can be put back into action, which won’t be until July 2012.

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  1. Two things come to mind. The first is that there could actually be profit to be made on the black market for Marmite. Second, considering that the flavor profile for the Marmite in New Zealand is different than Marmite (U.K.) and Vegemite (Australia), even shipping container loads of similar product to the beleaguered Kiwis would not resolve the impending catastrophe.

    1. The Prime Minister of New Zealand suggested that people could switch to Vegemite in the meantime, which has not gone down too well, and there are already jars of NZ Marmite being sold online upwards of $63

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