Jul 14

Picking Wild Grapes in the Tame Suburbs of Katy, TX

Living in Houston, TX does not invoke images of the wild and untamed world but every now and then one does find a surprise. Most often it is seeing wild life (feral pigs, deer, snakes, rabbits and alligators) while biking through the reservoir. A few days ago while riding my mountain bike along a less …

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Jun 08

I Cannot Say No to Bagel Toppers from Hampton Inn Hotels

I am a “road warrior” (such a cheesy term), living the majority of my work week on the road; sleeping in hotel rooms, traveling to and from home via an airplane and driving rental cars each week. In the 15 years I have traveled for work, I have my opinions on the best airlines, rental …

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May 23

Date Shake, Check One Off Of The Bucket List

As I was driving CA-86 North towards Indio, CA with the Salton Sea to the east, I was thinking back to when I had first learned of the Date Shake?  If my memory serves me correctly, it was Anthony Boudain’s Travel Channel show No Reservations episode U.S. Southwest where he had tried a Date Shake. …

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May 17

God’s Butter – Marrow bones

Once a month I go to a wine dinner at Latin American Restaurant, where they pair wines with five different courses. One of my favourite dishes is ossobuco, a section of veal shank braised with vegetables, wine and broth, originally from Milan, Italy. Ossobucco literately means ‘Bone with a hole’ or marrowbone, but I’ll get …

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May 16

Bachelor food week – Pizza and beer

This week, my wife is away on a business trip, leaving me to fend for myself. Since I do most of the cooking in our house, this shouldn’t be much of a problem, but I find I can never find the enthusiasm to cook for just myself. I’m sure it’s because, I want to bask …

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