Pico de gallo – The rooster’s beak

Pico de gallo - The roosters beak

I had never heard of Pico de gallo before coming to Texas, and when I was first asked if I wanted some on my taco, I had no idea what the lady said, let alone what it was. Basically it is a very simple, fresh chunky salsa also known as Salsa Mexicana or Salsa Fresca. …

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This is not guacamole

Mango Avocado Salsa Ingredients

Though this may look like guacamole, technically it is a salsa, but you could easily use it as an alternative to guac. After a ‘guacamole pedant’ the other week decried the addition of blue cheese to my Roq-n-roll-a-mole, I won’t make the same mistake again, for fear of angering the mob.  I make this mango …

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Southeast By Southwest…Fiesta Style Cheesy Grits

Quick Grits with Salsa and Pepper Jack Cheese

I did not grow up eating grits and the first time I did try grits was also the first visit to a Cracker Barrel. I cannot say that I was overly impressed, but I also did not have any problem finishing the grits that time or any time since then. Over the past few years …

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