May 22

American brewers now influencing British Beer

The New Beer Frontier (BBC Food Programme) explores how the modern American Craft Brewing industry is now influencing how British brewers are approaching beer. Dan Saladino explores the beginnings of the American beer industry, which was heavily influenced by British beers, and was then  subsequently replaced in the 1850s by German and Czech beer styles …

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Feb 05

I’ve found it – A proper American Pilsner Lager

It has taken a long time, but I’ve found it at last, a proper American Pilsner Lager. However, a little bit of background history first. Over ten years ago when I first started to visit the U.S.A, to be quite honest. it was, quite literally a beer desert. There was very little beer to choose …

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Jan 04

Smalec po Goralsku – Polish Bacon Pate

I made a visit to the Polish Deli yesterday to buy some ‘kiszka’ (blood sausage), but more of that another time. While there I also got some duck pate and noticed ‘Smalec po Goralsku’, which was translated as Bacon Pate. I’m always looking for new edible delights to try and this fitted the bill. Smalec …

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