low carb

Spaghetti grows on trees

Spaghetti squash with sun-dried tomato dressing

On April the 1st 1957, the BBC broadcast a 3 minute segment on the bumper spaghetti harvest in Southern Switzerland. As you will have noted from the date, it was an April Fool’s Hoax and it has been recognised as the largest and most successful hoax ever carried out on television. So much so, that …

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Low Carb Hatch Chile Pepper Lasagne

Hatch Chile Lasagne

My wife has decided that she is going to take part in a weight loss challenge at work,  so therefore I am having to come up with tasty dishes that meet her requirement of no carbs after 5pm. I never have a problem coming up with new dishes to try, apart from when there is …

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Despite what you think you know, eating fat doesn’t make you fat

Carbs are Killing You

I have been trying to convince people that a lot of what we think we know about our diet and the affect it has on our bodies is wrong or at least mis-guided. Our ancestors ate fat, but didn’t become fat as a result and the main reason was that they didn’t eat that much …

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