Grilled Reuben Sandwich – Brownies Diner (Brawley, CA)

Diner Style Reuben Sandwich

Diner Style Grilled Reuben Sandwich

My obsession for Reubens is a well known fact. Over time however, I have become discerning in my preference for how a Reuben Sandwich is prepared. Is the Reuben a Deli Style versus Diner Style? Is the rye bread toasted versus grilled with butter or oil? Is the rye bread marbled, seeded or seedless? What are the steps in which the Reuben Sandwich is constructed? Does a restaurant consistently make the Reuben the same way each and every time?

Brownies Diner in Brawley, CA is one of those old fashioned diners in a small town off of the beaten path of urban America that provides a large selection of iconic diner meals. Honestly, I have only ordered two other meals from the menu, both were very good, but I have eaten the Reuben Sandwich on numerous occasions. Brownies Diner prepares a classic rendition of a Diner Style Reuben Sandwich. There is ample amount of corned beef and the seeded rye bread is grilled with either butter or oil.

What I have discovered is that of all of the possible permutations of the Reuben Sandwich, the classic Diner Style with the bread grilled with butter or oil is my least favorite. I would prefer for the rye bread to be toasted and not grilled. In addition to this, the sauerkraut should be complimentary and not the dominant flavor. It was not the amount of sauerkraut that was used that made it too overpowering, but the fact that the sauerkraut had not been drained prior being added to the sandwich. None of these detraction’s from this one experience will stop me from ordering the Reuben at Brownies Diner. Instead, when I order the sandwich, I will just asked for the bread to be toasted, not grilled and for the sauerkraut to be well drained.

In my post: Reuben Sandwich Reviews, the Grilled Reuben Sandwich from Brownies Diner receives a Repeatable ranking.

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