Mar 09

Rosa’s Pizza Ristorante Italiano (Katy, TX) – The Real Deal

Houston, TX and the surrounding area has a long history of great foods; barbeque, Tex-Mex, seafood and even Cajun cooking.For a metropolitan area of 4+ million people there is a definite shortage of good pizza joints. For those that live on the east coast you have no idea how good you have it with a …

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Feb 27

Pasta alla Puttanesca – Retherfordroni Style

I wonder at times if all the potential combinations of ingredients have been tried at one time or another and then in turn available for viewing on the internet? Likewise, how many possible combinations of pasta sauces are there using traditional Mediterranean ingredients? A few years ago when rummaging through the pantry and refrigerator, I …

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Feb 21

Decadent Duet: Portabella Mushroom & Broiled Blue Cheese

I was never a fan of Portabella Mushrooms. Not because I do not enjoy the complexity and earthy flavor that different mushrooms provide to a dish. More because Portabella Mushrooms had become too popular and for some inexplicable reason each time I ate one, someone had marinated it in balsamic vinegar for far too long. …

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Feb 14

Risotto with Portabellas & Asiago

Risotto with Parmesan and Mushrooms, Pic #2

It never ceases to amaze me that rice is one of the most versatile vehicles in which to convey flavor, texture and even aroma, yet it is so simple to prepare. If one can evolve from “one-minute cooked rice” or even the pre-cooked rice that is frozen and only requires to be steamed in a …

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