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Oct 01

Smokehoss Reuben Sandwich Review (Meade, KS)

With much time spent driving on the road after arriving at an airport, I am always on the looking for unique restaurants, coffee shops and regional specialties. Little did I know once I finally stopped at the Smokehoss: Jerky – Coffee – Bistro that I had found diamond among the prairies, ranches, farmland and small …

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Sep 19

Crockery Gourmet Chicken

I love my crock pot but I will be honest, if I am pulling it out; I want dinner to be super easy. I do not want to cut fresh herbs. I do not want to dirty 5 measuring cups. I do not want to do anything other than throw it all in and walk …

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Sep 05

Easy Fresh Grated Hard Italian Cheese At Home

Grated Italian Cheese has come a long way from when there were very few if any options available for purchase in your typical grocery store. Most of us remember the green cardboard tube of Grated Parmesan Cheese that had a shelf life of a couple of years and lasted longer in the refrigerator after being …

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Aug 22

Fire Roasted Hatch Chile Omelet

The other day I was at the grocery store picking up some items for a dinner that I was going to make when it was more than apparent that Hatch Chile Season was in full swing. There were piles of fresh Hatch Chiles, bags of fire roasted Hatch Chiles for sale, not to mention food …

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Aug 20

EHS Cheese Steak Sandwich / Nothing Beats Cafeteria Food

Strangely, one of the most memorable aspects of my high school (EHS) was the cafeteria food. Everyone had their favorites but  I don’t recollect there being a salad.  Maybe there was one, but I was always on the “line” so I would have never seen it. I wore “fry-goggles” back in the day.  “Fry- goggles” …

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