Crockery Gourmet Chicken

I love my crock pot but I will be honest, if I am pulling it out; I want dinner to be super easy. I do not want to cut fresh herbs. I do not want to dirty 5 measuring cups. I do not want to do anything other than throw it all in and walk away until dinner.

I am also usually feeding my family of five at three different times; me and the little ones, then my teen after football practice and finally, my dear husband when he gets in from work. Try doing that with full roast chicken dinner and two serving dishes?

In the aisle of my grocery, there is a whole section of powdered conveniences. There are seasoning packets for meatballs, pulled pork, beef stew & BBQ chicken. Sometimes I will peruse them looking for inspiration in making a fresh meal from scratch (minus the powdered mixes).  For this post, I am using it ‘as is’.  My favorite is the Crockery Gourmet Chicken by Superior Touch.

Packaged Crock Pot Seasoning

Crockery Gourmet Chicken!

The original directions make a “stew” but it also offers a suggestion for an alternative: “Chicken a la King”.   I thought to try the chicken a la king because I fondly remember it being mentioned in Dr. Seuss’ “The Nose Book“.

But just suppose
you had no nose!
Then you
could never
a rose…
…or pie, or chicken a la king.
You’d never smell a single thing.

For this recipe meal, you will need your crock pot large enough to fit a whole chicken or pieces (bone-in), and a rice cooker.  You can make rice anyway you prefer but I am a huge fan of the rice cooker, no pot to clean, just a quick rinse of the rice cooker.

Into the crock pot:  one whole chicken, 8 ounces of frozen peas, 3 large chopped carrots, 8 ounces of mushrooms, the seasoning packet mixed with 2 cups of cold water poured over the chicken. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8.

The packet recipe calls for potatoes and canned mushrooms but I prefer to omit the potatoes and use fresh mushrooms.  I do not know if it really makes a difference so experiment!

When done, remove the chicken to a platter.  It will fall from  the bone in pieces so I prefer to use the lifting rack that came with my my crock pot. Separate the chicken pieces from the bone.

When it is done, place a cup of the rice in a serving bowl and top with some chicken. Then pour the sauce, including the vegetables, over the rice.

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Chicken a la King with the help of Crockery Gourmet



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